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Through the gaps

A 20-year campaign of scientific fraud says as much about the research community as it does about the perpetrator. The system that allowed such deception to continue must be reformed.

Phase Change Memory-Based "Moneta" System Points to the Future of Computer Storage

A University of California, San Diego faculty-student team is about to demonstrate a first-of-its kind, phase-change memory solid state storage device that provides performance thousands of times faster than a conventional hard drive and up to seven times faster than current state-of-the-art solid-state drives (SSDs).

Picking Up the Pieces at Ravaged Tohoku University

Four months after the earthquake and tsunami disaster, Tohoku researchers are finding new meaning in their work. Science 333 (2011) 153.

Education, The PhD factory

The world is producing more PhDs than ever before. Is it time to stop? Nature 472, 276-279 (2011)

The Most Highly Cited Paper in Publishing History

Protein Determination by Oliver H. Lowry.

9. 5. 2013

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